blast from the past
What’s wrong?

My adopted daughter—she’s been gone for some time. I’m worried something’s happened to her.

[Worried pacing and growling.]


wtf im so inactive
anyway heres a bayverse-style cychus face


wtf im so inactive

anyway heres a bayverse-style cychus face


Where did she go this time…



The slender dragonformer responds with a happy series of krekkrekreks clicking in his vocalizer as he leans into the grooming, his whole frame almost going limp as his neck nibbled and licks, tiny little meeps of pleasure squeaking out of his jaws. So unlike his normal deep vocalizations, he definitely looks the part of a youngling at the moment, making such tiny soft high noises. His field is almost ecstatic, little bursts of intense JOY pinging everywhere at such a simple thing as a real grooming.

Purrpurring at the nuzzle, and snuggling into the wing tuck, he plasters his slender self against the big ram, before wriggling forwards a bit, trying to drape himself over Cychus’ forelegs. His optics, amusingly, are still closed.

If he manages that he’d flip over onto his side, curling slightly into a loose curve. His helm tilts up, a soft kreel leaving his maw, a not so subtle bid for attention.

He’s quite happy to let Fallcore squirm all over him, frame deflating and spines flattening to make himself more comfortable. The nibbles and grooming continue as the smaller dragon wiggles around, Cychus determinedly keeping up and eventually bopping a paw on Fallcore’s flank to keep him still.

Another laugh rumbles out of his chest as Fallcore sprawls over his forelegs—moving his injured forepaw out from beneath the smaller dragon, he cranes his head over to continue licking the younger’s plating. He’s a little rusty in his grooming—he hasn’t exactly had the chance to cuddle up with another Predacon, after all—but he does his best.

//Enjoying ourselves?//

the-little-terror asked:



[Cychus was in mech form as he heard the odd noise, grooming his injured servo—upon hearing the chirp he looked around, before focusing on the tiny thing at his pedes.]

… Oh! Hello, little one. Are you lost?


He gave the large mech a pouting glower before looking back at the injured servo. While he knew he had nothing to do with it, there was that little voice in the dark corner of his mind whispering that it was his fault. The big mech was hurt cause of him, just like mama. With a whine he tried to scale up the big mech’s leg but lost his grip and fell off halfway. He didn’t have the energy.

Hey, now. Careful. [He reached down with his good servo and cupped it beneath the young one, helping him up onto his knee.]

Is there something wrong, little one? Do you have a name?



Wow that’s a mouthful…

»A-Alright! My name is Steelix…uh…Student medic of Ratchet.«

//A student medic? I haven’t had the honor of speaking to one before. It is my pleasure, Steelix. Have you studied for long?//



But he’s not useless! He saved my life, Cychus! He’s a great friend, not to mention he’s hilarious at times too. [She frowned, fiddling with the edge of the blanket.] ‘m gonna miss him…

He saved mine, too. Opened the bridge that allowed me to come here.

[He sighed, mandibles tucking back.]

Some people need time to recover from their damage. I’m sure he’ll return, one day.



[She purred slightly, tucking her chin under the blanket.] Afraid of what though? I’m not that scary looking, am I?

Afraid of something I have never experienced—so cannot put into words like he could.

[His gaze softened, and he slowly leaned back against the wall, keeping one servo curled around his adopted daughter.]

He dedicated his body and spark to the war. Now that it is over, he has nothing. No purpose. His profession and skills no longer benefit others. He believes himself worthless, useless, his life at an end.



[She stretched out, yawning and then curling back up, starting to get drowsy from the warmth.] I just don’t get it, Dad. Why’d he leave? I mean, did one of us piss him off or something??

[He felt his spark swell slightly, accompanying the smile that broke out across his usually stoic face. Setting the cyborg on his knee, he tucked her favorite blanket around her form, touching a claw to her shoulder gently.]

He was afraid.